James Darnell at the Rhombus Family Conference April 22-23, 2016



Listen to James Darnell speak to Jerry Langford of KSDW 88.9 FM in San Diego about the upcoming Rhombus Family Conference at Mapleview Baptist Church in Lakeside, CA April 22-23, 2016. James also discusses his book, Saving the Saved, and his conference breakout session titled “Saving the Saved: How to Maintain the Family in a Post-Christian America.” To listen to the 6.43 minute interview, visit YouTube HERE


Learn more about the Rhombus Family Conference HERE

Purchase Saving the Saved HERE

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  1. Jonathan Guzman

    I heard the dr James Darnell touch on gifts from the Holy Spirit regarding parenting, my wife and I are considering going to the conference, I do try to avoid overly charismatic doctrines , we find they aren’t exactly biblical in nature. Any idea of what he may have been referring to?


      Thank you for your question concerning James Darnell’s discussion about spiritual gifts at the upcoming Family Conference. James does not subscribe to the Pentecostal or charismatic movements. He has 46 years of experience studying and teaching the Bible in the church and at the university level. He has thoroughly studied the gifts as taught by Paul, particularly those related to leadership and service to the church. The implications for the family is that understanding spiritual gifts reduces conflict and provides unity for families that complement Paul’s teachings in Ephesians regarding the roles of parents, husbands, and wives.

      He is well aware there is much misinformation and confusion regarding spiritual gifts inside and outside the church. In fact, his next book will focus on these leadership gifts. James’ current book, Saving the Saved, does give an overview and scriptural references for the gifts. James is very approachable and friendly. Please feel free to ask him directly about this. Hope to see you there.

    • Nicole

      I am a student at a Bible college and I can understand your concerns regarding teachings on spiritual gifts. After reading “Saving the Saved”, however, I can tell you that the chapter on spiritual gifts (chapter 11) is completely biblically sound and is explained/broken down unlike almost any teaching on spiritual gifts I have heard. It really helped me to understand how spiritual gifts work and function in the church. I had the chance to attend the same conference last year and I absolutely loved it. Great teachings, great people, and great fellowship. I think you should go!

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