NETAFIRM believes there is more to the faith than being saved and doing good works. We do not push doctrine or theology. We push sound, biblical truth.

NETAFIRM staff are committed to serving Jesus Christ and the Great Commission. We are well educated, have served in various ministries, and understand America’s changing culture and the impact it has on America’s churches. Our services go across denominational lines and are real and practical solutions for the issues Christians and churches face today.

NETAFIRM has a Board of Directors that oversees our ministry.

In addition to our current publication, Saving the Saved, NETAFIRM provides the following services:

  • Upcoming Christian publications on topics such as discipleship, the Holy Spirit, and the authority of the Bible
  • Speaking engagements on topics such as discipleship and transitioning churches to become discipling fellowships

Thank you for supporting NETAFIRM with your tax-deductable contribution. Any donation by check can be sent to our business office at NETAFIRM, 4409 Roscommon Way, Dublin, CA 94568. Or, you may donate with a credit/debit card through PayPal.